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                     WELCOME TO DOYOUPANIC 

                Awarded 5* by the UK Mental Health Foundation

This site has now been in operation for over 10 years and is still going strong, so something good may have come out of it! Please take a look anyway - suffering from repetitive panic, or anxiety is a truly terrible thing. What I hope to achieve here is to show you that by understanding, you CAN and WILL start to lead a happy, 'normal' life. I also answer ALL emails as soon as I can.

Anxiety-Ridden? Constant Panic? Panic Attacks? Obsessive? Confused? Depressed? Think You're Mad? Addicted? Weird Thoughts? Think They're Unacceptable? Tense, Tense, Tense? On Edge ALL The Time? Unable To Calm Down? Headaches? Desperate? No-One Will Ever Understand You? Think You're Abnormal And Something 'Else' Is Responsible? Lost Hope? DO YOU THINK-REACT-THINK-REACT, THINK-TENSE-THINK-TENSE?  

'We intensify that stressed moment by unnecessarily extending it'

'Teaching acceptance will mean you can let go of the thoughts and feelings that you think you should 'do' something about'

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