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COPAST - The Concept Of Primary And Secondary Thinking

 Separating it out

So, an example of head talk is when we may be 'saying' in our head ''relax, come away from this stress'' ''Why am I feeling like this, this isn't right'?'' ''I'm not normal, surely I shouldn't be feeling this stressed'' etc

This questioning/explaining is the panic sufferers typical response to their intense mindset when stressed - however, if I told you 'not' to say the above phrase: what would take less effort - to say it or not to say it?

Of course, 'not saying it' would be easier. This is the solution to panic and also why it works - when you feel that urge to analyse your stress - the trick is not to engage in that head-talk. Yes, the urge will be strong when you're stressed - and it will undoubtedly be frequent also. This is where you have to dig in and persevere with avoiding that temptation to 'do' that head-talking. If you can hold off that urge, you will allow those stressful moments to pass and you will steadily calm down as you work through it.

'The Automatic'

This is the framework for understanding and recovery. Basically, we leap into secondary and unnecessary thinking when we are stressed and this just exacerbates our problem...but we can avoid following that temptation no matter how strong and simply avoid that mind chatter to resume natural flow - which is certainly an easier place to be in.

Remember, our problem is that we do too much - we interfere with what is our natural calm flow because we think life's bark is louder than its bite - we are scared to think what we think. As we are intense, sensitive, maybe self-doubting - this can be a very strong urge for us until we take that leap of faith.

When we understand it is far easier to accept our natural mind flow is sufficient to get us through life AND better at it (see positive momentary control CH 5/6) you will soon 'get' this.

Self-confidence isn't arrogance - its' true definition is a full acceptance of everything you think without reacting to it - it is understanding that you really are your thinking and that cannot be changed - you can't help's the natural you - as you should be.

If you accept that interfering with your automatic thought processes will lead to a tense, unhappy life, then you will give flow a chance.

Nothing has to be conscious.