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'The subconscious is the truth'

I will try to give an opinion where I can!
Paul David's account of personal triumph over anxiety- there are
many references to Paul throughout this site/his book 'A Life At Last' helps many people. Check this site out for hundreds of 

publications re Mental Health (they also published my Ebook)

Hi Will you may like to link to as all our therapists are accredited/chartered

/registered by a professional body many thanks Louise

Counselling Directory 

Description: A support network of UK counsellors and 

psychotherapists with information on their training and 

experience,areas of counselling covered, fees and 

contact details.       The largest charity, dealing with

anxiety and phobias - they helped me a lot!(also on front page)

NOW renamed   Check the 'new' version of this excellent site,

covering all aspects of mental illness.(also on front page)

This site aims to provide resources/help for students at college

suffering from depression/anxiety and addiction.

Bristol & Bath Hypnotherapy-John Crawford DHP MAPHP LHS LNCP 
Hypnotherapy for Life- Fully qualified, registered hypnotherapist offering 
help for anxiety, depression, anger, panic, phobias, insomnia, OCD,  
anti smoking, habits, and many more conditions. 
Free 1 hr initial consultation offered. See John's New Sites also below -
Anxiety Specialist - A new resource for anxiety, depression and OCD
sufferers filled with useful information and tips for recovery, as well
as offering one to one specialist help using hypnotherapy: - a site to help find the best 
in training courses for both qualified hypnotherapists who need CPD but 
also potential trainees looking for hypnotherapy
training courses. - A leading clinical hypnotherapy 
practice near Derby, we offer free consultations & evening and 
weekend appointments. 
As featured on BBC radio Dear Will, I am writing from my website, which

deals withthe effects of chronic stress and its impacts on broader mental
health including anxiety, depression and self-esteem problems. We unpack
these themes and explain how they are linked, as well as offering information
about counselling and some easy-to-use techniques to address them. The
site also features a free ebook - titled "Stress and the City" - that looks at
different sources of stress and anxiety such as work pressure, relationship
problems, money worries and so on, and howthese triggers can affect wider
mental health. Many thanks Guy

Download Hypnosis - High quality professional hypnosis recordings
created by a full time practicing hypnotherapist. Overcome fears,
habits, anxiety, stress and low mood with these instant hypnosis
downloads. Full 60 day money back satisfaction   "Phobia Forum" "Ofear forum is a caring community

of people from all over the world discussing and giving advice on all

aspects of phobias, depression and anxiety disorders." John B

Thousands of people all over the world suffer from some degree of dental
phobia or anxiety. If you are one of them then hopefully can help you to learn how to overcome your fears.
Barbara Cole
Psychosynthesis UK offering Psychotherapy and Counselling 
with a special service for OCD sufferers. The Counselling Society is a membership 

organisation offering a range
of memberships from accredited to student membership.

It has been set up by counsellors, for counsellors and takes
in account your individual journey as a counsellor.
Features health articles, medical news,

doctor-produced video webcasts, community message boards and chat 
rooms, professional healthcare resources, email, newsletters, books and
reviews, and resource directories on diseases, disorders and chronic illness.
Mental health information and research news
from the Institute of Psychiatry and South 
London and Maudsley NHS trust, in partnership 
with RETHINK severe mental illness. A very useful site for OCD

Mood disorder, depression and anxiety peer support resource that offers
users a method of communicating and discussing that issues that effect
them. The site contains articles, news articles, a stories database,
screening tests, chat rooms, forums, mood trackers and other interactive
features. The site is designed to give sufferers a space to have a voice
about issues that effect them.   Gave this site its' 5* rating! The website of the Mental Health Foundation outlines the charity’s work in research, policy, service development and service user involvement. The site offers information and publications to download on research, good practice in services and on mental health problems and key issues. It provides a daily mental health news service and directories of organisations, websites and events. Website visitors can use forums and bulletin boards, join a mailing list and find out how to support the organisation. 'Life Coach Directory is a network of UK based Life Coaches. All the coaches listed on the site are fully qualified and insured. Visitors can search by postcode, town or county to find a local Life Coach. They can access details of each coaches experience, training and expertise as well as their contact details and fees. This is a free and confidential service for everyone.'       'MadforArts' is not for profit. It is an educational
web project that aims to encourage people experiencing mental health  
problems to appreciate art, talk about art, and share it with others.
It is an interactive website where people can create their own studio 
saces to post examples of art that inspires them.'     A very useful forum based resource   A highly regarded mental health resource. - A free internet self-help site for persons
suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive-compulsive
disorder - OCD, fear of flying and post-traumatic stress disorder - PTSD.
Extensive information and skills, plus the latest on helpful medications. are a psychology consultancy service providing 
consultation and advice, assessment and therapy for individuals serving in 
the military, ex-serving military personnel, security services personnel and 
emergency services service personnel. Confidential counselling, therapy and 
advice are available face to face, via the telephone or by e-mail.  The UK 'Eating Disorders Association'.  provides information on a wide range of 
health and disease topics. Includes a database of self-help and support 
groups for a wide range of medical conditions.  
This site contains an account of the development of coping strategies
for anxiety, including fear of flying and takes the form of a psychological
 Drug and Alcohol Rehab Looking for drug rehab help? Visit 
this site where you can find the best information and resources for 
drug and alcohol rehabilitiation. 
You can  accomplish anything you put your mind  to!   
This is a site which shares information, support, Individual Coaching,
Visualization and more. Kristen L.  Baker, M.L.C.
Depression Treatment and Symptoms
  Encyclopedia of depression
and mental disorders with various treatment options.

Anxiety Depression Treatment
Relaxation for Living Institut ADDRESS: 1 Great Chapel Street, 
London, W1F 8FA.TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 20 7439 4277  CONTACT:    Contact the 
teaching of relaxation techniques to combat stress, strain, anxiety 
and tension.
Disorders such as depression, anxiety and phobias are commonplace
and in most cases readily treatable. Come here for knowing more on anxiety depression treatment.

We believe that communicating, sharing and connecting with others
in this community will have a positive affect on your healing and 
your life. 
Title: Anton's Marketing
Description: Anxiety disorder afflictions affect about 40 million American
adults each year.
Depression types
Description: Learn the various types of depression here.  Social anxiety test is 
an informational hub that tells about symptoms, causes of anxiety and 
depression by offering valuable articles on depression treatment along 
with the information on the vitamins, herbs to overcome anxiety.

Shyness and Social Anxiety Treatment Australia
description: information on shyness, depression, social anxiety, blushing,
sweating, stress management, children and social anxiety, public
speaking anxiety, psychologists  "Social Phobia - and how I overcame it" documents
the (successful) efforts I undertook to rid myself of social anxiety. Phil
Title: Anxiety Treatment Australia
Description: information on anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias,
chronic pain, stress management, support groups, psychologists
Description: SublimeSelf is where we come together to learn about the 
power within each of us to heal ourselves. With simple and proven tips
on how to improve your health, energy, motivation, happiness and
wealth - whilst alleviating pain, dis-ease and stress. an informative site on self-confidence
Depression Defintion, causes, types, and treatment of depressive
disorders. Help and support provided for anxiety, stress and depression.
The term Anxiety refers to the complex set of negative emotions, which

include fear, apprehension and worry. Anxiety is often
accompanied by physical sensations such as palpitations, nausea,

chest pain and / or shortness of breath.
Description: Panic disorder is a pathological condition characterized by
repeated panic attacks, combined with a series of long-lasting symptoms and
attitudes that are present between the attacks.  Useful stress reduction techniques Invitation only guide to top Mental

Health sites


I was looking at the website and think it gives really great information

on Anxiety and Stress. We have created a public interest website at focused on coping with stress and winding down,

which I thought may be of interest to your visitors. Providing online

interactive tools, advice and support to aid your recovery from bulimia. Take a look at this site, which also holds

'workshops' you can attend (W.Midlands)

Anxiety Treatment.
Description: Anxiety treatment website that provides free reviews,
article, tips and advice.

Dear Will,

I noticed that you have a list of links on your website and thought you
might be interested in ours, which aims to raise
awareness of bruxism (nocturnal teeth grinding) which as a sleep disorder
that affects around 1 in 10 people but especially those with anxiety.
Bruxism can disrupt one's sleep, which in turn reduces the ability to deal
with stress. Many thanks, Daniel Martin. (The Bruxism Association) We can 'only' relax
when we understand there is no need to panic.

Hi Will, I thought the website we have been developing might be of interest to you and your visitors:   NLP Hypnotherapy London Personal change and professional development using NLP and Hypnotherapy in Harley Street, Central London and Winchester, Hampshire. "psychequilibrium has been established as a non-denominational organisation whose purpose is to offer instruction on meditation and mindfulness practice to anyone who wishes to acquire those skills, and to endeavour to support them in their efforts.  We welcome contact from all persons regardless of belief system, and this without discrimination of any kind.  We trust that a spirit of mutual tolerance and respect for each other's views will predominate, and thereby contribute to a fundamental sense of harmony.  Finally it is our objective to enhance the quality of life for all those who participate, this both individually and collectively."
Title:- Relationship Forums Description:- Find advice and support for marriage problems like infidelity, divorce, addictions, depression, and more from this large community.

Title: Anxiety
Description: Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks Fast!  ZenTactics  Child Abuse Recovery - ZenTactics offers comprehensive growth and recovery information for child abuse survivors, written by a survivor.  It contains articles on depression, self-esteem, and anger, as well as interviews with other survivors and experts.   A recovering panic sufferer sent me this link if you want to try it! Will

My name is Ryan and I'm an ex-anxiety sufferer (well, almost). There's a
serious lack of credible online information about anxiety. So, to balance that
a little bit, I decided to create a well researched guide on the topic which
you can find here:

Your website lists other related resources, so I thought that it would be
useful to your visitors to include a specialized guide like that as well. All
of the information was created with the help of a professional psychologist
and edited by a professional writer.

Hi Will, I have my memoir about suffering with and recovering from Borderline personality disorder, Depression and OCD, and my mother who suffered with catatonic schizophrenia, (both of us with an under-active thyroid) coming out in a few weeks on kindle, (it’s a life journey) and I wondered if there was any way in which you could offer me a link to it - either the book on Amazon or preferably my website thanks

Title: Therapist

Description: NaturalTherapyForAll is the best resource to find a therapist, dentist
The word schizophrenia is from Greek schizein meaning ‘to split’ and phren meaning ‘mind’. In psychiatry it refers to a mental imbalance that is typified by abnormal perceptions and expressions of reality