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Trust in YOU

Awarded 5* by the UK Mental Health Foundation

What is Trust in You?

Do you resist your thinking?

This is very much about trusting that you can't help what you think/feel.

Therefore, this is an automatic incoming process called flow.

We all have negative and positive thoughts/feelings and experiences and the point of this website is to state that the panic sufferers' problem is that they try too hard to over-control this natural process. We don't feel comfortable with our momentary flow when we're stressed and 'think' we will spin out of control if we don't 'do' something about it.

As some of us may be perfectionists/intense thinkers who like control/black and white clarity - this can often be the characteristic that tempts us into over-interfering with our natural thought flow, thinking we have to consciously do something about our thoughts if we don't like them - this then can become an all-consuming process of forced head-talking and subsequent repetitive coping behaviours
(ref compulsive hand-washing/checking/self-harming etc).

This interfering is referred to as secondary thinking - or second-look thinking.

How is this characterised?

Sufferers of panic don't wave their hands in the air screaming - this is very much an internalised process of thought paralysis (see next page). They don't like the pain of certain stressful thoughts/feelings and stall or seize up in their thinking to try and get absolute control of this.

This can then lead to obsessive controlling behaviours that ultimately become destructive.

What damage does this do?

When sufferers stall in their thinking - like water behind a dam - the pressure builds up and tension grows - what was simply a momentary negative thought can 'become' a destructive problem ... so by trying to over-control - the sufferer creates an even bigger problem as the thought stays and grows into more of an issue. The confusion here is that the sufferer thinks this is the way to resolve their stress - going into deliberate-thinking mode rather than trusting their subconscious flowing mind will adjust and cope without mental effort.

Before you delve further into this website - needless to say that time and patience are really important with this.

The crux of recovery (and you will see from the many comments that this IS achievable) is understanding how we allow our mind flow to work unhindered... if you understand what's happening to you and why - and how to put this right - you will rejoin the land of the living - with far less destruction and pain.

12/12/21 Hi Will just a quick thankyou for all of your guidance on this throughout the years. My main recovery has, indeed, been based on accepting my mind and that I don't have to be scared of it. The relief I feel from knowing that I don't have to question how I think is immeasureable...and just knowing that I don't have to follow that slight pause when I go ''oh no - should I be thinking like this?'' and then I simply calm to allow myself to carry on thinking as a free man! Ben

30/9/13 - Hi Will and thanks for this - in a way it's kind of weird that I feel the pressure is off now - so many times you think that medication has to be the only answer and you end up almost thinking it is a waste of time trying to figure it for yourself. Of course it isn't easy but when you realise your life really 'is' so much in your grasp - it leaves me with so much more confidence and when you explain it like this, it just makes me so much more determined to 'take part' in my recovery. I also see now that whilst we definitely have a tendency to lurch from crisis to crisis, we can become calmer more positive, resilient people by relying on our flow and sticking with it. Thanks for being there! Regards Jane 

Tues 14/5/13 Hi Will, my name is J from Australia and I received your e-book last year. Since then I have been on a slow but mostly successful journey to being healed. I can not thank you enough for your work and help. Honestly, you are a miracle worker. I just wanted to say thankyou and keep up the fantastic work. I was also wondering if you have ever considered expanding your work to this part of the world. These are only thoughts on my behalf, as I myself am now passionate about this cause and would also like to help people in this tough situation. Would u consider planning seminars in Australia for example or maybe having a representative in this part of the world. Just asking mate, and I am in no way mentioning this for monetary reasons. You have changed my life for the better and I would love to help spread your cause in Australia if you have ever considered this. Many thanks again J